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Operation Barnabas is a high school summer ministry training program equipping students to live on mission through evangelism training, character development, and servant-leadership.

This video features the Operation Barnabas ministry and gives a small taste of what students experience as part of an OB team. Operation Barnabas has been used by God to encourage young people to develop ministry skills and further learn to serve like Jesus since 1974. While it certainly is not the only means by which high school students may gain ministry experience, we are thankful for the role OB has played for our partnering churches and the 3,350+ people who have gone through this summer ministry training.

Since this video has been made, OB tours are now 22 days in length.

At the end of the OB tour, each Operation Barnabas member will have experience with sharing his/her faith, being a part of a performance group learning many upfront ministry skills, giving testimonies, building team relationships, and so much more! He/she will be memorizing scripture, learn to spend quality time with God, be a part of a discipleship group, and learn how to work hard.  Foundational character qualities will be emphasized and taught by pastors, national ministry leaders, and trained adult mentors. Each young person also receives a personal evaluation from leaders while having an opportunity to learn about the joys of serving in local church ministries. He/she will know what it’s like to sleep on both a floor and a bed … eat church carry-in dinners and McDonalds … work in inner-city as well as rural settings. Teams generally have between 20 – 30 members, with the ratio of adult leaders to students is 1:5 to encourage quality training. Please bear in mind, a young person is chosen primarily on character and attitude, not talent. Each applicant must be recommended by his/her church to participate in this life-changing experience.

What are the benefits of Operation Barnabas?

  • Strong ministry training
  • Ministry skill development
  • Emphasis on local church ministry
  • Strong adult leaders who are trained in youth ministry
  • The excellence and tradition of 47 years of OB training

Is this for me?

OB is for high school students who:

  • Love Jesus!
  • Are currently involved in their local church
  • Want to learn and are teachable
  • Apply for the Operation Barnabas program by submitting all required forms and references. Applications for 2021 will be available soon. Participation is determined by a selection committee that meets periodically.

A letter from the mother of an OB’er:

“I would like to encourage any parent of a teen applying for OB. Maybe you look at the cost and it seems like quite a bit of money to have to come up with. My daughter was able to raise about 3/4 of her money. The rest of it was the best investment we have made in her life. What an experience she had this summer. If your son or daughter has applied for OB let me encourage you by saying you will see a wonderful change come over your teen through OB and the power of our Lord Jesus Christ. I say change because my daughter is not the same person she was when she left for OB. She is more open, more caring, more concerned about the eternal lives of others. I had the opportunity to meet a lot of team members. They are incredible young people, all on fire for God. As I watched them say their goodbyes, I was touched as they prayed thanking God for bringing them together and using them as a team to bring the lost to Him. Thank you CE National for having such a program. I certainly did not mean to ramble on, I’m just excited about CE National and Operation Barnabas and what it does in the lives of young people.”