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Operation Barnabas is

a high school summer ministry training program equipping students to live on mission by: through evangelism training, character development, and servant-leadership.

…in a biblical framework about why we believe what we believe so that we can positively impact a changing culture

positive character qualities of a Christian leader

participants to learn through practical experiences, using that example to impact churches and communities.

OB 2021
Dates and Locations to be announced in January 2021!


Who Should Be on Operation Barnabas…

Someone who…

…Has a personal relationship with Jesus and wants to learn more about walking with Him!
involved in their local church youth ministry
…Is teachable
Completes the application, references, and has approval from his church and parents/guardians

What are the benefits of OB?

– Strong biblical teaching and discipleship
– Ministry skill development
Emphasis on ministry and being equipped for practical application of training back home
Strong adult leaders, trained and experienced in youth ministry
The excellence and tradition of 47 years of OB training

What will Students Get Out of OB?

A typical weekday on Operation Barnabas will include afternoons and evenings being used for ministry opportunities in communities and with churches. Mornings will be a training time for OB students, which include teaching from the Word, memorization of scripture, discipleship groups, learning ministry tools, and strong emphasis on character development.

KNOW: key scripture verses and understand who I am in Christ!

BE: a person who…

– has a heart for God
– is a servant
submits to and respects authority
trusts God & does not let fear stop them
is a friend to all rather than being cliquish
has a heart for the lost
is an encourager
is grateful
is merciful
is kind in word and deed
is responsible (trustworthy)

– is bold
is punctual
is a diligent worker
forgives others
controls their tongue
– stretches out of their comfort zone
has a positive attitude
recognizes and is involved in healthy relationships
is content
has peace of heart
is positive in difficult, physical situations

DO: hands on practical training not normally available in a local church setting including…

– speak in front of a group of people
share his faith with any aged person
initiate (with people and actions)
make others feel welcome
pray aloud in front of others
have a quiet time
memorize Scripture
lead others in word and actions

lovingly confront (Matthew 18)
identify their spiritual giftedness
worship the Lord
make correct priorities & use discernment
give generously (stewardship)
disciple someone younger
be held accountable and hold someone else accountable
consider full time vocational ministry

Preparing the Student for Life and Ministry after the OB Tour

– Guided reflections before going home
– Exit interview with OB leadership team
Student self-evaluation
– OB leader follow up

– How to maintain a commitment to Jesus
– Contact with parents and youth leader
Group debriefing sessions: Things to do upon returning home, pitfalls
– OB faithfulness program participation

What Does OB Cost?

Keeping costs low is very important to us and there are many opportunities and ideas given to assist students in knowing how to raise support. For current information on support costs, please see Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Questions? Contact us at obmail@cenational.org