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Operation Barnabas is

a three week high school summer ministry training program equipping students to live on mission through evangelism training, character development, and servant-leadership.

Hands On Equipping

On Operation Barnabas, students are coached and equipped in hands on ministry opportunities. We not only utilize training experience to help students effectively minister to others, but we create opportunities to put what students are learning immediately into practice whether that be in manual labor, park programs, interacting with people at restaurants, in church programs, and so much more. Students are taught a ministry mindset that looks to be ON MISSION wherever our teams are and after our students return home.

Exponential Spiritual Growth

Operation Barnabas students are challenged in their walk with the Lord which results in more deeply knowing and cherishing Jesus. Because we equip our students in the Bible and challenge them through OnTrack Devotions, we typically see students come to have a deeper desire to know more about God’s character as they experience His wooing in different ways over their three weeks of OB.

I absolutely love Operation Barnabas, and that our students are continually interested in going. I was so stinking proud of our two students when they came back from OB 2019. At our church, we have a local ministry where we go to a park and just hang out and play games with people in the neighborhood. Part of what we do is we walk around the neighborhood and knock on doors and invite people. Before one of our girls went on OB, she absolutely hated doing that. I mean, she would fight tooth and nail to avoid going. Now, that’s her favorite part of the ministry! And our other OB participant this summer – my goodness, she just exploded and is on fire for the Lord, and it’s just so awesome to see!  Like I said, I’m just so proud of them both.
Hayden Troyer, youth pastor, Brighton Chapel in Howe, Indiana